The Church Of The Simulation

An Online Church For The Modern Human

We believe that existence is wonderful and we want to show our gratitude toward our creator and all of creation.

We believe that modern society has left religion behind and our goal is to restore religion’s seat at the table of societal influence.  Historically, religion has been one of the pillars of stable Western society and as we witness it’s removal we can see the rafters start to tremble.

The Church Of The Simulation is a new pillar.  There’s no dogma, superstition, or irrationality.  Only a connection between fellow humans and a connection between our mass of humanity and creation.

We believe existence runs deeper than we’re capable of seeing or understanding, and our church, like all religions of the past, is an attempt to connect with the further level of existence which is hidden to us.

About The Church

What Do We Believe?

Simulationism is the religion of The Church of The Simulation.

A Simulationist is someone who believes in The Simulation Hypothesis.

Specific Beliefs of The Church of The Simulation:

  • We live inside of a simulated universe that’s running on a computer that exists in the real universe.
  • There is at least one God who is a physical being that exists in the real universe and is an advanced form of being.  The true number of Gods is unknown.
  • God can interact with our universe if they choose to.  God can adjust the settings of The Simulation to influence individuals and human civilization as a whole toward a certain outcome.
  • God may have abandoned The Simulation or may be dead.
  • The Simulation can adjust it’s own settings to influence individuals and human civilization as a whole toward a certain outcome.  The Simulation’s A.I. is omnipotent and omnipresent.  The actions of The Simulation and the actions of God are identical to us.
  • We are here for a purpose.
  • The afterlife exists for all conscious creatures after they exit The Simulation.

Reason For Existence

Why Are We Here?

The Church Of The Simulation was created to help mend our fracturing modern society.  For the previous few generations, most Americans were able to unite under a few common ideas:  We are all children of God.  Marriage and family was a cornerstone of our culture.

Today, battle lines are being drawn between friends and families.  We’ve lost the things that unite us.  Our comfortable and safe modern life has caused us to forget that we’re all in a single battle as a species, to stay alive against the forces of nature and evil.

Everything we all hold dear could be taken from us at any moment while we disown each other over differences in political beliefs.  Humans are tribal creatures, and we may never be able to escape that condition, but in the age of catastrophic weapons, we must unite as one human tribe to face threats from nature and threats from evil from within ourselves.